Primary Components of a Quality Early Childhood Curriculum

Two babies playing and drawing

The most important factor that influences your child’s success is the early childhood education you select for him or her. While may parents want the best things for their children, very few pay attention to the education they give them. They assume that enrolling their children in an early childhood learning centre is enough to set them on the path to success.

Getting the best childcare centre in Tootgarook is only the first step to a bright future for your child. One of the critical determinants of his or her educational success is the curriculum taught in the centre you select. Here are the primary components that form quality early childhood curriculums:

Structured Activities and Play

Children learn a lot through exploration. As such, a quality curriculum will include different structured activities that encourage children to explore their world. Structured play also alleviates dullness in the classroom and makes school fun for young learners.

Pre-determined Learning Objectives

Quality curriculums are built on very high expectations for students. The best method of ensuring that every curriculum meets its high expectations is to have pre-determined learning objectives. This way, you and the teacher can both assess if a child has achieved these objectives at the end of a set learning period.

Customised Lessons

Early childhood curriculums are not static. Quality ones adapt to the changing circumstances of a child and his or her environment. The curriculum should hence adapt to technological advancements and the physical and emotional growth of the child. This ensures that the curriculum remains relevant for a child’s stage of growth and environment.

It is never late to set up your child for success. If the childcare centre your child is in does not have a curriculum with the above components, it is time to change to one that does. Coupled with well-trained and motivated teachers, a quality curriculum is the best launching platform for a successful adult.