Top Things a Man Must Have in His Wardrobe

Fashionable man in the middle of the street
Men often think fashion is only for women, but a man’s wardrobe and fashion accessory says much about character and style. While not every guy can afford a huge house or the latest sports car, all men need to have at least these four things in their wardrobe.

A classy pair of shoes

Your shoes are often the first thing people notice. Shoes say a lot about your character. Worn, dirty shoes reflect very badly on your character and is a sure way to get people to reject you.
A gentleman should have the right kind of footwear for any occasion, and one of these is a pair of men’s stylish cowboy boots. A.A. Callister recommends that you look for reputable stores online that you can buy stylish men’s cowboy boots for a pair that suits you.

A decent cologne

An attractive scent that suits you is something every gentleman should have. You don’t need to get a designer brand, but you should choose one that suits your natural scent.

A watch

A great wristwatch is the only kind of jewelry that a man should have. Choose one expensive timepiece you can wear for any occasion.  You could choose to have a watch with a leather strap if you want a more casual look, but you could also choose a metal wristband that suits your over-all style.


A gentleman should have a set of great ties as part of your wardrobe. Make sure to have a couple of silk ties, because a cheap one would make any suit look less appealing. Choose ties with tasteful prints so you could wear them for any occasion.
Every man needs a few extra things to enhance the natural qualities they already possess. Whether it’s a nice pair of shoes or a great smile, these little accessories can grant any man the title of style icon.