When Divorce is the Only Solution: Helping the Kids Understand

Coming to terms with the end of a relationship is difficult for couples planning to get a divorce. However, the partners are not the only parties involved when they decide to part ways. Divorce is especially hard for the children, even when they are still very young and may not have the slightest inkling of what their parents are experiencing.

Eventually, the kids will figure out what’s happening, which is why parents and family members should know how to handle the situation delicately. The experts at Lewis & Matthews, P.C. suggest the following ways to ease the transition and let your children understand why divorce is necessary:

Focus on the positive consequences of the divorce

It is crucial for parents to show their children that the decision to divorce was mutual and that they are working with each other in minimizing the disruption. It is also important to highlight that the children are part of the conversation and that both parents love them no matter what.

Give your kids ample time to digest the news

Don’t introduce sudden dramatic changes in your children’s lives. The American Psychological Association advises parents to inform their children ahead of time when someone is moving out, or if they are transferring to a new location.

Listen to your kids and allow them to express their feelings

Be accepting of your children’s feelings and understand that they have a say about the divorce, as well. The best thing you can do is to assure your children that they can talk openly to you about their feelings and that you are there to support them. Dismissing their emotions could only worsen the situation.

Custody of the children often becomes an issue, especially when they are yet to reach the legal age. Seek the assistance of a Denver child custody lawyer to gain more insight on how to go about the child custody petition, and how you and your partner can amicably share custody of your kids and administer visitation rights.