Where to Get Batteries for Your Wheelchair

Battery Wheelchair

It is a big problem when you do not have full use of your legs. You cannot be upright; you are unable to walk or run. It seems like you may be missing out on life. Things are made more bearable by a wheelchair, so you have some form of mobility, even if assisted by technology.

Wheelchairs themselves are expensive, however, even if you have just the most basic model. You may need someone to push you around in your wheelchair, too. This requires effort and full-time assistance, something that no single person can provide. If you have a wheelchair, batteries will help make your movement easier.

Wheelchair batteries are, sadly, not that affordable. However, you do not need to spend all your money on them. Here are two ways to get them at a discounted price:

Look for Wholesale Sellers

It is cheaper to buy items on wholesale. You may argue that you do not need a lot of batteries just for one wheelchair, but if you look for a wholesale seller, you can find lower prices for individual packs. Of course, if you know an organisation that needs a good amount of wheelchairs and batteries, joining your purchase with theirs can also give you a good discount.

Throw a Fundraiser

In Kingswood, a fundraiser has been thrown for a girl with cerebral palsy. The charity offered an initial price for the fundraising, with a message for locals and everyone else to give what they can. The teenager, Abbie, is pushed around in her wheelchair by her father, who suffers from back pain. The fundraiser aims to cover the cost of wheelchair batteries so that Abbie can manoeuvre the wheelchair by herself and socialise without her dad.

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to go wherever you please, anytime you wish to. Sometimes it is just because of a whim, but other times it could be due to necessity. Find yourself some affordable batteries now, so you and your wheelchair can go places.