Photography Trends That Could Make Your Wedding Photos Stand Out

groom and bride kissing inside wedding marqueegroom and bride kissing inside wedding marquee

Your wedding is perhaps the biggest event in your life, and you would want to remember it for a lifetime. Your wedding photographs might be the only reminder of the big day. That said, you ought to ensure that the photographs you hire are top notch.

Wedding photography starts right from engagement. SLC’s JayLynn Studios knows this. You should also know that this is not the only new trend. Forget the old poses and official looking photos. Here are the latest wedding photography trends that photographers should incorporate into the wedding photos.

Cross Processing

This is a technique that heightens the color intensity of your photos. You can even change the colors to appear a bit off-kilter in a unique and original way. This is the best trend for outdoor settings with rich sunsets and colorful scenes. The photographer can change the sky to purple and the grass to blue.

Grainy Films

Grainy films allow the photographer to create artistic photographs in situations with low light, without relying on flash photography. This results in a photo in which you can perceive the graininess. This trend is best suited for black and white images. The photographer can mix grainy film photos with the traditional ones.

Tilt-Shift Lens

This is an extension of architecture photography. A tilt-shift lens blurs out a part of an image while creating a narrow field of focus. This trend can be used for still life, ceremony overviews, and wedding portraits. The shot achieves a deliberately abstract and hazy look in both detail and full shots.

Another trend worth trying is animated gifs. These are multiple photo frames laced together, creating a moving image. They can best document your engagement and first dance.

Smartphone cameras can ruin the look of your professional photos, so consider asking your guests not to take pictures. You’re better off relying on an expert photographer to document this special day.