Selling Your House? Prepare It for Valuation First

photo of a house in the background with for sale sign

When looking to sell your property in Utah, it’s important to ensure that your price is right. Failure to do so could lead to your property staying in the market for too long. One great way to ensure that you get the right price for your property is through valuation.

Preparing for the valuation process goes a long way in making sure that your house looks great and everything is functional. If there are problems with the exterior section, then you need a siding company like Double T. Inc to fix it before the valuation begins. Here are other things you can do:


Make sure that your home looks great by repairing the exterior. Fix any broken tiles, repair shutters or windows, replace roof shingles, and carry other minor facelift jobs vital to its appearance. Decluttering is also key at this point, as clutter tends to depict a homeowner who doesn’t take good care of his or her house.


Put together your title deed or land lease documents, building plans, last valuation report, sales documents, improvements invoices, rates notices, and any other crucial documents. The key is to ensure that the valuation expert captures the correct value of your home. And having all the required documents at hand can help him or her do that.


Tidy up your lawn and house on the day leading to the valuation. Set aside ample time to talk to the valuation specialist and answer any questions. Do your research. Find your neighborhood’s potential. Plan for any delicacies you intend to serve. You should also be ready for the walkthrough, as you’ll need to point out features that will help ramp up the value of your home.

A property valuation report will definitely help you when it comes to selling your home. Ensure that all the repairs are done on time so that your home fetches more. Although the location is key, most buyers wouldn’t want a property that will take them months to renovate before moving in.