The Art and Science of Music

When you listen to music on the radio, or on our iPods, you listen to the finished products of many trained professionals, not just the singer and the band. It is also not just the people who make the recording sound great; the technical equipment takes on a big role in producing the sound of artists.

The best sounds

While it is true that many computer or phone applications are coming out to help indie bands record their own music, nothing can still replace the value of great equipment and a technologically sound studio that will meet professional standards. The biggest names in the industry will always be supported by the best sounds.

But what makes a great sound? There are some concepts to follow if you want to produce the best sound. Some of these may be hard to understand for some, so the best thing is probably to let professionals handle it. Music recording studios in New York may boast of having world-class equipment, from an orchestral-sized studio for natural acoustics to widely efficient production facilities, TV studios and stages.

All about the space

The travel of sound affects how you hear it. Does the room offer a bouncing effect? How can you diffuse outdoor sounds?

Many rooms are not conducive to great sounds, simply because there is not enough space. Do you notice how in churches, the quality of singing is always better? It is because of the big space and the actual design that makes the place conducive to singing or speaking.

Acoustic absorption

A great room tone is needed, and this will only be achieved by removing the natural reverb in a room. How do you do this? There is such a thing as acoustic absorption, and it enables sound from our voices or instrument straight to the microphone.

Absorption works well with another concept known as diffusion. Diffusion means the tone is heard as is or preserved because reflections of sounds are scattered. With absorption and diffusion working together, the result is harmonious.

Producing music can be highly technical, but with the right experts, you can execute it perfectly and harmoniously.