Buying an Apartment? Consider the Following First

Apartments for rent

Apartment hunting can be stressful, and many want to look for aesthetics and economic value when they want to move to a new home.

While it is wise to check out older apartment buildings for budget considerations, you can choose to visit and compare new apartment developments too. Brisbane is growing fast that you can find a good deal with new apartment buildings. But before diving into the hunt, the apartment experts at Citro West End suggest that you consider these five factors.

1. Location

Location is the top priority for apartment hunters. Always check the building’s location and area. It should be close to amenities such as schools, shops and boutiques, transportation hubs, recreational areas, hospitals and other facilities that improve the quality of life in a community.

2. Owners and occupiers

You need to know the owner-occupier ratio because it is a good metric for better maintenance. The higher the ratio of owners to occupiers, the better maintained the building is. Higher demand for ownership also means lower maintenance costs.

3. Noise and rubbish

Noise level tells you how livable an apartment building is. Check if many people are coming in and out of the building. Ask the apartment managers of the people who live on your floor or the people upstairs, and whether they would be a problem.

Rubbish is also a factor you would want to consider. A building that has a waste disposal guideline and existing services is a good sign of clear regard for public health.

4. Quality of build

If you find some cracks on a newly built building, then you can have a sense of how the building was built. It is advisable to bring with you a building inspector to help you with your decision.

5. Ownership costs

Always check for ownership costs. Particularly, look for units that bestow a strata title. Such ownership schemes give you ownership of a part of a property with shared ownership of its facilities, from the lifts to the pathways. As such, annual fees and other costs need to be paid for maintenance.

The next time you look for an apartment in Brisbane, try to consider these factors before you buy anything that catches your eye.