4 Reasons You Should Get a Tankless Water Heater Soon

tank-less water heater

Retrofitting tank-less water heater systems to your home comes with many advantages. They’re not without limitations, but the right units can serve your entire house efficiently—regardless of your family’s size.

Here’s why they make a smart purchase:

Unlimited hot water supply

Any tank-less water heater in Utah, Colorado, Chicago, or anywhere in America provides on-demand water heating. For as long as it operates within its capacity, you can get hot water whenever you turn on the faucet, notes All Hours Plumbing and HVAC

The same can’t be said about tank-type water heaters. If the water in storage runs out, you’ll have to replenish the supply and wait for the new cold water to warm up. Tank-less units don’t work that way; they almost instantly heat cold water at a rate of two to five gallons per minute.

Superior energy efficiency

Because they only heat cold water when desired, they help minimize energy loss. In conventional units, the heated water cools down either in long pipes or storage tanks. With properly insulated piping, tank-less water heater systems economize energy.

Minimal water waste

Tank-less units keep water usage to a minimum too. With them, you only use the water you need; not a single drop gets stored for an extended period. Plus, they reduce the chances of leakage and water damage. With less pipework, they’re easier to maintain.

Compact design

Without tanks, they occupy less space. In fact, you just have to mount them on the wall and make the most of your floor area. You may need more than one of them if you have a big family, but they will all only require little room. They fit in narrow spaces, and can conveniently hide out of sight.

While tank-less water heaters are a bit costlier than traditional units, they pay for themselves in just a year or two with their potential energy savings. If you get the right product for your home, you can enjoy their positives without dealing with the negatives.