A Homeowner’s Guide To Photovoltaic Cells And Solar Energy Usage

Solar Energy Through Solar Panels

Portable solar panels are photovoltaic technology applications already available to Americans today. However, to benefit from this amazing innovation, a homeowner must consider investing in a residential installation that will provide off-the-grid power for daily home use.

If you are planning to buy and install residential solar panels in Pennsylvania, this guide might help you.

Renewables Are Here To Stay

Sunlight, wind, and hydroelectric sources of energy are here to say. While they are not yet the mainstream sources of electricity for the United States, a number of countries in the world have made the sustainable energy their choice. It is working out quite well for them. Americans have the freedom to choose where they will get their energy. Choosing clean energy over traditional sources makes sense in a world that is already on the brink.

Home Solar Electric System Simplified

A solar panel is a popular name for a module of cells, which produce electricity from sunlight. Cells are usually very thin and sandwiched between protective layers so that they withstand the rigors of exposure to the elements.

The desired current and voltage is produced through specific circuit design. The amount of electricity produced depends on the efficiency of the cells and the surface area in contact with the source — the sun. Panels are usually grouped into arrays to provide a target output. The kind of array that will be installed in your home depends on your needs.

Photovoltaics 101

The conversion of sunlight into usable energy relies on the photovoltaic effect. The cells have to be made of crystalline silicon, either in single-crystalline or in multi-crystalline form. The material facilitates the conversion of energy from the sun into the flow of electrons that produce current. Batteries allow for the use of converted power from the sun when there is a cloud over and during nighttime.

The US electric grid is experiencing huge challenges today. A home photovoltaic system will reduce your dependence on the grid. Installing a solar array also allows you to take part in the energy revolution that is sweeping the entire world.