Going Digital: The Most Important Public Relations Tactics Today

Press Release shown on a tablet screenPublic relations remains relevant despite the unrelenting expansion of the Internet, and growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) phenomena.

In fact, it seems this professional practice has evolved with the technological evolution currently transforming most professional fields. Within the digital media space, a multichannel strategy is the most effective means of getting a brand’s message to its target audience, and public relations should be part of that digital marketing wheel.

Practice public relations in the digital marketing space with these tactics:

Press Releases

A press release is one of the traditional components of a PR strategy, but it has become even more relevant with the digital evolution.

Unlike the pre-Internet days when publicists had a hold on writing and publication of press releases, companies and PR teams themselves can now easily store their press releases and share them with the media communities they target. Babbler says they can do so with the rise of many PR platforms online.

Reputation Management

Statistics indicate that as much as 81% of consumers spend time researching online before making a purchase. This bucks the old trend of simply asking family and friends for product or service recommendations.

That means user-generated feedback via online platforms, particularly social and review sites, is now commonplace. Actively manage those feedback, conversations, and references on your business—but never forget to still be mindful of what happens in the offline environment.

Relationship Building

Traditionally, publicists have a large, influential network because their work depends on it. They build relationships on behalf of clients through networking.

PR practitioners should have a passion for networking and relationship building, especially now that we are in the digital age. The Internet has made influencer outreach much easier, so take this chance. Build an audience. Participate in online communities. Become an influencer yourself.

Technology surely has changed the way public relations works. With the tactics outlined above, companies and PR professionals can respond to that change, and continue to stay relevant.