How to Boost Mobile App Engagement

Guy enjoying his smartphone

Plenty of mobile app developers have a difficult time with engaging and retaining users. You can’t just launch an app and expect people to download it just because you know that it’s great. You need to attract your target market’s attention and keep their interest. How do you do this?

Your App Page in the App Store

Users will first see your app in the app store, which is where they will (hopefully) download it. This means that you need to grab users’ attention right from the get-go so that they would be encouraged to download your app. With this in mind, you need a well-written and attention-grabbing page that would sell your app to users.

Leverage Push Notifications

These are pop-up alerts that contain information about your deals, news, promos, etc. that you could make available in your app. Users could easily disable these if they don’t want to receive them and users who are interested in them would thank you for keeping them informed.

Deep Linking

Notifications, whether push or text messages, could be even more effective when you incorporate theuse of deep linking in your app. This is particularly useful when you want to invite users to your app and when you need to take someone to a particular place in the app.

Enable Free, But Comprehensive Trials

Giving users a free trial with minimal blocked content would give users the chance to experience what your app has to offer. You should only give them the option to subscribe or create an account when a user attempts to fully use a key feature in your app, advises an experienced full stack developer for mobile. By allowing users to view your app beyond their startup screens, you significantly increase your chances of getting them to download the app.

Prioritize Ease-of-Use and Quick Load Times

It won’t matter if your app is the best if users will abandon it because they can’t figure out how to use it or maximize its features and if it loads extremely slow. Put simply, make sure that it’s very user-friendly and loads fast. Consider providing a separate customer service hotline for your app to make it easier for users to contact you for their app-related queries.

As you have probably guessed by now, app engagement could really make or break your app. That being said, you have to find the balance between what users want and what you could deliver to them. Doing so would help greatly increase the chances of your app succeeding.