Reverse Engineering and Automation: Making Processes Faster

Reverse Engineering Concept

Every entrepreneur has their own idea of how to run their business, but no entrepreneur would rather have their processes running slower instead of faster. In the world of commerce, faster typically means better: the faster you deliver the goods, the sooner you will receive the payment, and so on.

This is not to say that taking your sweet time will do you no good. There are simply processes you cannot speed up, or at least not too much. But if you can make a process easier and faster, without sacrificing quality, wouldn’t you do it?

Here are some ways you can make that happen.

Reverse engineer a process

This takes a little time to figure out, but anything that has to do with improvement normally does. What you want to do here is find out what makes a process fast by starting from the end. For example, a customer is happy. The first question is why? The second is how?

From there you can trace the origins of the process that makes a customer happy. All of your processes might benefit from the answers.

Resorting to automation

This has to do with reducing the possibility of human error, but it also has to do with removing parts of the process that delay it. For example, if you can go directly from one project contributor to another without going through a go-between, you may be able to reduce the process time by almost half.

A perfect example would be using Project Portfolio Management or PPM applications. To be more precise, consider the use of the Primavera cloud, a service offered by companies such as LoadSpring.

This allows lets you make proposals, pinpoint and schedule priorities, make choices and plans, and manage or control a project. With the use of such reliable PPM, decisions are always in line with strategic objectives outlined by your company.

There may be other ways to help processes go faster and more smoothly, but using the two cited in this post can improve your company workflows by leaps and bounds. Try them today.