Different kinds of ties for Aussie males

BTI080Even though business suits tend to be cookie cutter affairs you may want to step a bit out of that comfort zone and select ties that appeal to you. One way to distinguish your look from that of other men is to wear a great tie in a flattering color and pattern.

There are different kinds of ties that can be appropriate for the white collar Aussie male. You can take your pick between bow ties and the regular long ties, for instance. Bow ties are not that common for business wear but some Aussies can get away with this if their job is not that formal or if they are actually expected to express more personality in their business attire. If bow ties are not your taste then the regular ties could be the answer.

There are multiple choices when it comes to regular ties. You can wear the so called skinny ties with a bold pattern, discreet stripes or an unusual print for one. You can also wear the ties with more width to them that could also be available in solid colors, stripes or some subdued patterns. You might even come across some tie retailers who sell ties in very bright colors but you may want to think twice before picking these if the office or event you will attend prefers their employees or guests to be more low key.

If you are unsure what kind of tie would be suitable for a formal business occasion, you can always check out upper management and get an idea of what they usually wear to the office. If management tends to favor very sober colors for their ties and no one is wearing a bow tie to work, that should be a good clue for you regarding what they consider appropriate.

What Metal Mens Ring?

ITR-152Whether you’re shopping for a mens wedding ring, or a fashion ring, there are a lot more choices of materials these days. Two of the most popular are titanium and tungsten, as they are two of the most durable metals available, and as men tend to destroy their rings a lot quicker than women do, this can only be a good thing!

It’s important to understand though, that these two materials are quite different, and will suit different lifestyles. Tungsten rings for example, is super hard, which is why it is almost scratchproof. Because it is so hard, it can actually be brittle, which means that if dropped on a hard surface (like in the shower) there is a chance it will chip or break, and it cannot be repaired. Titanium on the other hand will scratch (although not as much as gold or silver), but will not chip or break. They are both much more durable than the usual soft metals, but your lifestyle will determine which metal is best for your ring.

Fun Fact Friday – Birthstones

Birthstones have been around for centuries, but the current list of birthstones has only been in place since 1912. Each month has a stone which is unique. Some people like their birthstone, while others dislike the appearance of their birthstone. If you like a birthstone of a different month, you can always find a reason to wear that birthstone instead of your own.

Some people chose to wear the birthstones of their children. Some people wear them all together in jewelry like mother/grandmother rings or necklaces. Others get a specific piece of birthstone jewelry for each child. For instance they may have a sapphire ring for a child born in September and an emerald necklace for a child born in May. But what if you don’t have any children and you don’t like your birthstone?
Another option that is gaining in popularity is getting a birthstone to commemorate a special day or event that happened in that month. Some people get a turquoise ring to commemorate the month they got engaged. Or maybe a ruby necklace to wear at their July wedding. Not every occasion has to be a happy one that you want to memorialize.

Maybe a beloved grandparent passed away in February, some people would consider purchasing a piece of jewelry with the amethyst birthstone in it to remember the day.
Even if you don’t have a specific reason to purchase a birthstone from a different month, if you want one you should get one. In the history of the birthstone, people believed each birthstone had unique healing powers and people would wear the birthstone of the month (so they owned all twelve) to optimize the healing power.

What Is A “Nicaraguan Hammock”?

Wood-hammock-stand-ComboI heard someone call the Nicaraguan Hammock ‘sublimely comfortable’ which made me think this was something I had to look into. I needed to find out how something suspended from two points leaving you hanging in midair could be called ‘sublimely comfortable.’

Well, I can tell you that those two words barely come close enough to describing the feeling of the soft-spun cotton and tightly woven fabric of the Nicaraguan Hammock.
They are commonly used as a regular bed in Nicaragua and contain beautiful patterns that make them look as high end as they feel.

My Nicaraguan Hammock (in its hammock stand) looks perfect sitting on the far side of my large covered deck. It’s my favorite place to read a book, relax with a cold drink, sit with a sandwich, cuddle with my partner and to fall asleep in.

I was interested in hammocks as far back as a kid when we used to take one on family camping trips to the lake. The hammocks we used then were quite different to my Nicaraguan style hammock, but I never forgot how great it felt to be floating above the ground and sleeping that way when we camped. I knew that one day I’d get a hammock for my home but years passed and life just changes your plans.

That was until I heard the comment about Nicaraguan Hammocks being ‘sublimely comfortable’ and I remembered my childhood camping trips.

Aside from bringing back great memories, my hammock is a wonderful addition to my home and living space.

Masquerade Party Fun

MMHQ518bVenetian masks are historical works of art worn on your face. They’re often used to decorate one’s home too. I might use Venetian masks to adorn my walls, or place them on my wall unit, especially if I were a theatre enthusiast. The masks are very theatrical, because of the common symbols for theatre, the emotive comedy/drama masks, or because of classics like Phantom of the Opera. They could be used for any number of plays, and a theater producer, actor, or costume designer I could very easily have a Venetian mask in my possession. It announces: “Hi, I’m a theatre geek. I hope you like theatre too.”

Masquerade parties are very innocent, in that there is typically no discernable reason why attendees’ identities must be hidden. I could find myself at a masquerade party, just as easily as at a costume party or an ugly Christmas sweater party. The Venetian mask is just a function of the theme of the party. They provide a way for adventurous and fun people to participate. Just like going out to buy an ugly sweater. The use of a Venetian mask at a masquerade party/ball is much different than the secret society or orgy. At the masquerade party, the masks typically come off fairly quickly. However, at the two former gatherings, you must never, ever remove your mask. Some party hosts tend to take that rule very seriously and enforce it at all times.

I don’t rob banks. But if I did, it would be my go-to disguise, a real no brainer. A Venetian mask provides much easier application and removal than say, a president’s mask or Freddy Krueger mask or even a ski mask would provide for me. You might think that a Venetian mask is easier to knock off your face, but that not necessarily true. It all depends on the style of mask being used at the time as there are many different kinds of Venetian masks. Some are smaller and can be attached to my head by a string, rubber band, or matching to contour of my face. Other types of plastic masks could obstruct my breathing or seeing. A Venetian mask is designed for comfortable robbery.

Image courtesy of MasksHQ.com.

Tried Harem Pants Yet?

If you’re getting bored of the same old fashion trends that seem to resurface time and time again on the catwalk, then why not try a pair of harem pants? They’re relatively new on the fashion scene but are causing quite a storm.

They’ve been quickly adopted by many well-known celebrities and demand for them has been increasing steadily. Don’t be fooled by their look, as once you’ve donned a pair you’ll probably never look back.

While it’s true that these were the pants most favored by pirates many decades ago, this doesn’t mean that they’re an ancient and old-fashioned type of clothing at all. Fashion designers have been giving harem pants their own twist, which has resulted in some very cool new styles.

You can now get harem pants that end at the knee, or ones that aren’t elasticated at all. Some now come in much thicker material that’s comparable to a pair of denim jeans. Some even incorporate a belt into the design, while others are made of a much more restrictive material at certain parts and much looser in others.

Designers really love this highly experimental type of clothing, it’s a dream come true for them. Styles and designs are growing all the time because of this, so you’ll find quite a wide variety to choose from if you decide to adopt this type of pants.

Fashion trends come and go but none are more ancient or iconic than the harem pants. They deserve a place in your closet.

The Comeback Kid

Moccasins are cropping up in almost every department store in recent years. It used to be the case that if you had finally decided to buy a pair of these fantastic shoes, you’d have to hunt high and low for them. In fact, chances were that no matter how much your heart was set on it, your local shops probably didn’t stock them. Well those times have gone.

Moccasins are now not only available in most department stores and clothing shops, but they are being stocked in a wide range of different colors and styles. From boots that have inner linings for extra warmth on cold days, to slip on slippers which are absolutely perfect to wear in the house or to just laze around in, you’ll find a pair of mocs to fit your style. By the way, we whole-heartedly recommend the slip on mocs, they are just so darn comfy. Try them yourself and we guarantee that you’ll never look back.

Another great thing about mocs, is that they are considerably cheaper than other types of footwear. This is not to say that they’re inferior in quality though. In fact Moccasins will probably outlast most shoes that you’ve bought before. They’re known for their toughness and hold up very well over the years. Despite being so tough they’re remarkably soft and comfortable too. Having both these properties is a very rare treat indeed.

So with that said, we recommend that you stop surfing the web right now and go out there and buy a pair.

College Football Dentist Disaster

I was so excited to have my son home from college over the holidays. He chose a college far from home because of its excellent reputation, but it makes for few visits home during the school year. He was excited to see us, but was ecstatic at the thought of seeing his high school friends for a football game in the park over break.

He met up with all of his old high school buddies and they enjoyed a day of football until things got too rough. This group of boys is notorious for playing rough- all of the moms have enjoyed a trip or two to the emergency room over their antics, which is always done in good fun- never out of malice. My son called from the park and told me that he had chipped two of his front teeth. He was holding the chips in his hand. I told him to get home ASAP.

I called the emergency dentist in Sydney – fifteen miles away, as there isn’t even a regular dentist in our small hometown. The dentist was on call, so his service told me he would call me back shortly. Within ten minutes, the dentist personally called me and arranged to meet us at his office. He took x-rays to ensure there was no damage to the root of the teeth. The dentist said the chips would not be used to fill the teeth, but a composite material could be used to fill the chips. He recommended waiting a couple of days and having the chips fixed at our regular dentist office, which we did. The emergency dentist was at least able to put my son’s fears to rest about being able to restore the look of his teeth.

Embracing my Stretch Marks

I have stretch marks from my three pregnancies. I did try to prevent them by using a stretch mark prevention cream everyday during my pregnancies. It may have helped, but it did not keep me from getting stretch marks at all. It isn’t like my stomach and breasts are covered with them, but I do have enough that they are noticeable when those parts of my body are exposed. A lot of my friends are constantly seeking ways to get rid of them. They buy expensive lotions and go for expensive spa treatments. Some of them have had a degree of improvement, but no one has had their stretch marks completely disappear.

I have decided to take a whole different approach to my stretch marks than my friends have. I am going to embrace my stretch marks. I am not going to hide them under my clothes- if I want to wear a bikini, I will. I am the mother of three young children so it is not like I am being photographed for a swimsuit edition of any magazine any time soon anyway.

I am also not going to waste dollar after dollar trying to make them fade away. My bank account with thank me for it! They always say time heals all wounds, so I think time may be the best thing to heal (or fade) my stretch marks away. My approach may not be for everyone, but I am comfortable with my decision. I know some of my friends will cringe at the thought though.

Promise Pre-Engagement

My boyfriend surprised me with a promise ring. At first, I wasn’t even sure what a promise ring was. I guess that I am in the minority when it comes to that. All of my girlfriends and my mom knew what a promise ring was. But everyone had a little bit different take on what it meant, so I guess it isn’t as clear cut as everyone thought it was. Some people believe a promise ring is a commitment ring. It means that you won’t date anyone else. Other’s think it is symbol of loyalty- meaning that the two people the ring is exchanged between promise to remain loyal to each other (so it could even be exchanged between friends). But the most popular idea of a promise ring is that of the promise that someday you will become engaged.

My boyfriend intended my ring to be a promise ring meaning that we will become engaged someday. It is also known as a pre engagement ring. My mom said when she was our age that is the only thing that a promise ring meant. She was so excited when she found out I got one. You would have thought it was the actual engagement ring. She was all ready to start planning a wedding that is several years down the road still.

I do like the idea that my boyfriend is committed enough to our relationship to consider doing something like this. To me, it shows that he really believes that I am the right person for him and he plans to spend the rest of his life with me. I am willing to wait until the time is right for both of us to get married; now I just have to convince my mom to slow down.

Be Really Cool By Wearing Bow Ties

Not everyone can be cool. You have to have style and the entire look to be cool. However, coolness depends on the crowd you are trying to impress. Bowties have definitely become cool.

Once upon a time, these accessories were only worn by professors, attorneys, accountants and doctors, but it has now become fashionable to wear bow ties rather than traditional neck ties. Bow ties make you stand out from the crows. It offers you a special look that you can attain with both smart or casual outfits and events. You must bear in mind that you cannot simply grab a bow tie and expect to look cool. You have to work on the look.

You have a choice of pre-tied, clip-on and self-tied versions. The pre-tied version is a ready-made bow tie. All you have to do is attach it to your collar. The clip-on version is a simple clip to the collar type of bow tie. The version most commonly worn by many is the one with a neck strap with a slide fastener that you can adjust to fit the size of your neck. These are available in a range of colours and fabric and if you are new to the world of bow ties, this is probably your best choice. You can go a step further and obtain a self-tie version, but this requires practice.

Once you have decided on the most apt type of bow ties, you need to experiment with different outfits to achieve that cool look.

Missing Something?

So you’ve picked out the flowers, found the perfect venue and even have the cake sorted. It seems like your big day is pretty well organized right? Well that’s where you’re wrong. You’re overlooking one vital and integral part of your wedding ceremony. Something that’ll make or break the event. We’re guessing we’ve got your attention now? We’re talking of course about the bridesmaid’s dresses.

Picking out dresses for your bridesmaids is almost as important as picking out your wedding gown. It may sound like a bit of an exaggeration but it really does have that large an impact on your big day.

When picking out bridesmaid’s dresses remember that simplicity and elegance is the key. Try not to go for big frilly gowns. These will detract from the main event and also look extremely tacky. Go for something very simple and plain, no frills and no layers either. Make sure you don’t over accessorize your bridesmaids. A flower here or bracelet there is fine, oreven a fascinator as long as it’s not overdone.

When it comes to materials, silk and satin is extremely luxurious and work quite well, weather permitting. If it’s cold or for some reason your wedding is taking place later in the evening, then ask your bridesmaids if they would be willing to wear Pashmina scarves. Pashmina is one of the highest grades of cashmere you can get. They simply scream elegance and luxury. They’ll help keep your bridesmaids warm on a cold day. Don’t push it though, if it’s particularly cold they’ll need cardigans.