Recently, my family and I stayed at a really nice campground about four hours from our home. It was really like a camping resort with a pool, picnic and play area, and kayaks for the lake. I started to wonder how people find campgrounds for sale. Did they drive from campground to campground, asking if the owners were willing to sell? Or did someone have to buy a big track of land and build a campground?

When we got home, I did some research and I found that just like bed and breakfasts and other specialty small businesses, there are websites and real estate brokers that deal specifically with campgrounds and RV parks. Some of these websites had pictures of currently available campgrounds while many others just listed the general information of the campgrounds and RV parks. I imagine this was because not every seller wants it known they are trying to sell their campground or RV Park.

The sites were very easy to navigate and in most of them, I was able to enter my current location and it would tell me how many campgrounds were available in my area. The brokers seemed to be just like regular real estate agents. They would do marketing for the campground or RV Park, as well as set the sale price, and bring prospective buyers to see the property. Just like real estate agents, most of the brokers worked on commission.
Owning a campground is a specialty business and it looks like selling one was also a specialty.