My Mom The Collector:

My mom used to collect masks of all kinds. Mostly though, she liked the porcelain hand painted kind. She had them on her bedroom walls displayed beautifully. She was so interested because they were hand painted so each one was one of a kind. They each had different expressions and colors and shapes to them and they were all perfect in their own unique way. This got me thinking of what to get her for a gift. I had decided that it would be a mask but I wanted her to expand her horizons a bit. I wanted her to realize that other kinds of masks are just as beautiful as they were. That is when I set out looking for the perfect gift to get her on her birthday.

I did a little research first in order to see what other kinds of masks were out there. I wanted to get her the perfect one. I found out that Venetian masks are one of a kind as well. Each one of them is hand made by a person in Venice, Italy and no two are ever the same. So searching I went. I looked all over for the perfect Venetian mask to give her to show her that other types of masks an only add depth to her collection of them. That is when I found a Venetian mask with a snowflake on it. When I presented it to her I explained that since each one is as unique as snowflakes, this was perfect.

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A BIT OF CRANE HUMORHere’s a question you may not get asked very often: How heavy is your lift?

That’s sort of a crane joke as any job that requires a crane is called a lift and thanks to the guys at the local crane hire in Sydney they had just the crane for a job we’ve been working on at our job site.

I had never rented a crane before and was glad that the fellow I was talking to on the phone was so helpful. It turned out that our job was a small one so we didn’t require a giant crane and the one we needed wasn’t being used for the next few days so we booked it for Friday.

I figured if we could accomplish this lift partway through the day without complication I’d send everyone home early to start the weekend on a high note.

The crane arrived on time and I located the right place for it to sit after making sure there were no underground pipes, tanks or power lines that could be affected by the weight of the equipment. There were also no overhead power lines to be careful around.

The lift went well and as I promised, I sent everyone home as soon as the load was secured where the crane placed it.

It was a good day and the crane saved us a lot of time on the project which made it a good investment regardless of what the cost was as the contractor saved in the long run.

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When I heard the words “I want a divorce” I started to worry. I imagined myself wandering around a sea of lawyers bouncing from one to another until I found the right one.

I did a bit of homework online and that helped me to relax.I discovered that despite my fear of getting involved in a battle where the lawyers were going to likely win, it wasn’t going to be that way. I found some simple rules to follow when I started shopping around for a family lawyer in Melbourne to help get me through my divorce.

I found one that actually specialized in family law and had been practicing it for many years. That put my mind at ease. He was also so very professional but really listened to my concerns. Even when I had a minor meltdown one night when it felt like the world was crashing down on me he remained calm, discussed possible options and made me realize I still had a lot to live for once my divorce was finalized.

I liked how the both of us clicked as soon as we met. He was almost like a friend to me and I found I trusted his judgment and found his decisions to be wise and fit the situation. While he was watching out for me, he was also trying not to make the whole proceeding difficult on my ex-wife, either. I found I really liked that about him and appreciated having him guide me through what could have been a horrible experience.

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I Have Rims for Sale!

I Have Rims for Sale! I have rims for sale a complete range of rims and tires for many vehicles and special cars. I sell these as a complete rim and tire set. I don’t sell single rims or tires. It’s not economic of practical to sell single parts. I have chrome rims all the way to 26 inches  and the most sexy styles for you to chose from. I ensure that each rim and tire is correctly balanced for your vehicle and delivered direct to your home. We have spinning and spinner rims. I sell tires with discounted prices so that you get the best possible deal. I don’t allow hidden charges for balancing and mounting and delivery to your house is free. Many companies selling rims and tires can incorporate hidden charges for mounting and balancing rims which can be very costly for the unwary buyer.

Great chrome rims can improve the general appearance of your car especially if it’s a Porsche or Maserati or a Ferrari where style is at a premium and a supreme motoring statement of class and superiority. I and my team can ensure that the rims you buy will fit your vehicle using the latest sizing technology. We have the best prices for rims with discounted tires. I also have a great range of custom made chrome rims to choose from. Whether you are looking for truck rims or something to make your car truly outstanding  I can deliver you the ultimate in hassle free satisfaction.

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The Surprising Way I Sold My Shipping Containers

I bought a piece of commercial real estate and it came with several shipping containers that the previous owners used for storage. I didn’t need the containers so I decided to sell them. But I wanted to sell them all together, not one at a time. It turns out selling shipping containers in bulk is a little different than selling just one.

The first thing I had to do was to determine the shape they were in. They were all in okay shape, they weren’t in great shape, but they didn’t have holes in them, or large areas of rust, and as far as I could tell, none of them leaked. Each of the containers had more than one shipping label on it (the logo of companies that have used the containers) so I knew they’d had several sea voyages before ending up on my property. Shipping containers that have seen multiple sea voyages are usually not worth as much as ones that were only used once. Still, I thought it was worth contacting cargo companies to see if they were interested in purchasing the containers.

All of the companies were interested in the containers buy since I was so far away from them, transporting the containers became a problem. I realized I would have to look for a buyer a little closer to me. But who would want several used shipping containers?

In desperation, I but up an ad on builder messenger boards as well as an ad or Craigslist and in the local paper. I was surprised when a local builder contacted me almost immediately. It turns out, his company specialized in turning shipping containers into mini business offices. In the end, we agreed on a fair price and I was glad to see the containers would find a new use.

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Anyone Want to Buy My Food Truck

Anyone want to buy my food truck? I have had some success with it, but since my wife gave birth to our daughter, I need to find a job that provides a little steadier of an income. The income was great from the food truck, but at times it is not always a constant flow of income. I know that I made enough money to support my family and support them well, but my wife is a worrier. She has gotten much worse about it since she was pregnant. At first I just blamed the pregnancy hormones, but it has continued to grow since my daughter has been born. No matter how much money the food truck generates, she wants to know that I am getting a set amount in my paycheck every week.

As with any business, there are slow weeks and then there are the crazy weeks that make up for the slow weeks. With a food truck, some of the business is dictated by the weather. When the weather is great, I tend to have a better business. When it is cold and rainy, people often don’t leave their offices to venture out to the food truck for lunch. They will either eat what they brought from home or they will hit up the closest vending machine. If you think you can live with the ebbs and flows of owning your own food truck, you should think about buying mine. I guess I am heading into a boring office job with a guaranteed salary, but at least I will have a happy wife at home.

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Not Just Any Request

I love go karts.I love go karts.  I’ve loved them since I was a pre-teen and I love them now that I’m old enough to be raising my own pre-teen.  My wife came up to me in the kitchen where I was sipping my coffee and said that if Joshua, that’s our boy, came up to me and asked if he could buy something to tell him no.  I looked at her, and really wasn’t awake enough to question so I said okay and went back to my coffee and she left the room saying something about running to the grocery store that we were out of milk.

It wasn’t about but 10 minutes later Joshua came running up to me holding a bright blue piece of paper waving it back and forth telling me that I had to look at this.  The coffee was starting to do its work and I was able to piece together the facts that whatever was in that paper, he was going to ask if he could get it.

I cautiously asked him what he had and he said it was a flyer he had gotten off the telephone pole down the street and it was something that would be perfect to get.  He also mentioned that I would want it too and if we could get it.  He handed me the flyer and on it was a picture of a black and silver go kart for sale at a new business that had just opened at a bargain price for their grand opening sale that was still going on.

I said yes.  2 hours later we were taking turns going up and down the street and I had promised my wife dinner out tomorrow.  All turned out good.

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What I did when buying a hedgehog

When I thought of buying a hedgehog, my wife and I were looking for a pet for the children which would be easy to look after. We have limited space in our apartment so my wife and I wanted a pet which would fit in with the family. We also wanted a small pet which the children would learn to look after themselves and share the responsibility of feeding it.

I looked at the websites of breeders near to us and the different kinds and colors of hedgehogs available. I had no idea that there were so many different breeds and colors available.I didn’t know that hedgehogs needed toys to play with. I learned a lot from the website and blog about feeding hedgehogs and nurturing them. I and my wife discussed it , we talked to the children about what kind of pet they wanted and we came to an agreement.

So I called the breeder, who was very welcoming, and we fixed a time to go over and see the hedgehogs. The kids were completely hooked seeing the babies and their mother and they chose which one they wanted. The babies were still being weaned so we gave a deposit and agreed to pay the rest when we collected our baby hedgehog in a few weeks time. We visited a few times to bond a little with our new pet and the children loved it.

When we took our hedgehog home he came with a cage, some feed, and bedding.

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AN OLD-FASHIONED GEMI was born in the late 80’s and this was the age when technology was just taking off, these were the decades of video cassettes and rotary phones, when very few privileged ones used the computer, let alone – to play games online on the Internet. As we were growing up, the most prominent part of the entertainment culture of those times was playing arcade video games. We had it all, from Pac-man, to Pinball, to Space Invaders. We saw the video game revolution and experienced its full scope! Everything that came after the popular culture of the real arcade games, especially the modern use of smart phones or other gadgets, doesn’t have the same symbolism or significance as before. To remember the days gone, and give tribute to the glorious past of the gaming industry, I decided to purchase some old-school machines.

My first step was to find a place where they had a pinball machine for sale. It turned out to be a harder task than initially anticipated. Because the memories of competitions with my classmates were still fresh in my mind, I knew I has to get the best one out there, but also exactly the way that I remembered it. I took off on my search for a Space Voyage- themed machine. After about 2 weeks of browsing through various websites and retro stores, I finally found a company that had that specific pinball machine for sale! This was the best money I have spent in the past 5 years!

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Buying a Caravan Park with Friends

We have been looking at caravan parks for sale with our friends. We are planning to purchase a caravan park with another couple as an investment. We will not be the ones running the caravan park on a day to day basis and neither will our friends. We are strictly getting into it as an investment to grow our retirement accounts. The idea came to us over dinner one evening and it seemed like a great fit for all of us.

We have it narrowed down to a couple of different ones. One of our biggest concerns is finding the right caretaker to run the operation day to day. We are hoping to find a caravan park for sale that already has an experienced staff on hand that wants to stay employed. So far we have found just a few that are set up like this. Some people own and operate their own caravan park and if we purchase this type of set up, we will have to find a trustworthy person to run the park. So really we would be leaving our investment in the hands of someone who is just as new to the park as we would be.

Hopefully the one of the caravan parks we found with a full experienced staff will work out. Negotiations can sometimes be a tricky thing and we want to make sure our plan is pretty full proof before we risk any of our savings even though the payoff should be worth the risk we are taking.

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Looking for Mens Rings

Looking for Mens RingsThe day of my wedding was one of the best of my entire life. It felt like all of the hard work and pain that we had gone through preparing finally paid off and made it a day for all of us to remember. While the day went as well as I could have hoped, there is one thing that I wish we would have spent a little more time on; looking harder for mens rings.

Of course the wedding day is most traditionally a day that the bride may look forward to more than the groom, but that also doesn’t mean that the groom shouldn’t be thought of. I feel like we spent a good amount of time looking for dresses, flowers, and other things that are more associated with the bride and not quite as much looking for the groom. One of the main things was how little time we looked for mens rings. Don’t get me wrong, I think the ring we found was a perfect ring but I also can’t help but wonder if there might have  been a better one out there since we didn’t spend as much time as we could have looking for them. I know I shouldn’t look back and say ‘Oh, I should have done this’ or ‘that would have been so much better if I…’ but it sure is easy to do. All in all, I loved my wedding day but there always things we wish we could change.

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Making Masks for a School Project

My students were studying Italy and I thought it would be fun for them to make masquerade masks as an end to the program. A few days before we finished studying Italy, I printed several different mask templates I found online onto card stock. I was surprised at how many mask styles were out there. Some were really intricate, and looked like lace or scroll work. Others had feathers or matching mustaches. Some were shaped like butterfly wings and several had shapes like hearts, flowers, or fleur de lis.

Before the day of the mask making project, I cut out all the masks from the card stock and punched holes in the masks corners for ribbon, then cut several different colored ribbons that would be used to tie the masks on (teachers do all the prep work).

We didn’t have a lot of supplies like beads or feathers in the classroom but we did have a bunch of paints, glitter, and we had a ton of black, white, and yellow buttons left over from another project. I set up mask making stations and put some supplies at each station.

The kids didn’t seem to mind the lack of embellishments. They had a good time picking out a mask style and painting it or adding glitter and buttons. I thought it was interesting how each mask seemed to match the personality of the student who made it.  After they had fun playing with the masks, we pinned them all up on a bulletin board. Making the masks was definitely the highlight of the Italy course program.

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How To Find A Campground That Is For Sale

Recently, my family and I stayed at a really nice campground about four hours from our home. It was really like a camping resort with a pool, picnic and play area, and kayaks for the lake. I started to wonder how people find campgrounds for sale. Did they drive from campground to campground, asking if the owners were willing to sell? Or did someone have to buy a big track of land and build a campground?

When we got home, I did some research and I found that just like bed and breakfasts and other specialty small businesses, there are websites and real estate brokers that deal specifically with campgrounds and RV parks. Some of these websites had pictures of currently available campgrounds while many others just listed the general information of the campgrounds and RV parks. I imagine this was because not every seller wants it known they are trying to sell their campground or RV Park.

The sites were very easy to navigate and in most of them, I was able to enter my current location and it would tell me how many campgrounds were available in my area. The brokers seemed to be just like regular real estate agents. They would do marketing for the campground or RV Park, as well as set the sale price, and bring prospective buyers to see the property. Just like real estate agents, most of the brokers worked on commission.
Owning a campground is a specialty business and it looks like selling one was also a specialty.

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